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The Individual Investor is at a Disadvantage

In the following video, Michael Lewis, author of “The Big Short,” delivers his personal experience with investment management during the financial crisis. He describes the inherent conflict of interest investment banks have because of their dual roles as both client advisors and proprietary traders. Continue reading

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What’s the equation for long-term, consistent returns?

Clients and advisors ask me–all too frequently–“What is a good ETF/Mutual Fund/Stock to invest in?” Generally, these questions are accompanied by some type of buy-and-hold comment indicating these monies are for retirement. Let’s break this question apart in this way: … Continue reading

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Equities with a Volatility Hedge: VQT

For the individual investor, I generally like strategic/dynamic funds whose weightings adapt—it alleviates a lot of the due diligence burden. Target date funds are probably the most widely known example, although VQT might hold the honor of most unique.

Barclays Capital recently launched an exchange traded note: Barclays ETN+S&P VEQTOR (Symbol: VQT). The index underlying this note is a great concept. The S&P 500 Dynamic VEQTOR Index allocates between equity and volatility based on the combination of realized and implied volatility trend decision variables. Continue reading

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Lithium: The Next Oil?

A unique and highly reactive metal, lithium is the lightest and least dense solid element known. For years the relatively rare element has been studied and utilized for a variety of applications ranging from medical usage to nuclear power generation. More recently, lithium has being touted as “the next oil” and as a cure-all for the energy and climate problems facing the world. Investor interest is increasing daily as the material has generated considerable excitement. Despite the great aspirations, it is important for a prudent investor to avoid being caught up in the hype. Examining the true fundamentals of this anomalous metal must be done in an objective manner if investors are to safely profit from lithium.

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